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J O N   E A S T M A N

writer / creator

Jon is a full-time writer living and working in the beautiful city of San Francisco. (i.e. pale and poor) While he's written many stories over the past decade, Murder & Midnight is the first project he's serialized for free on the web. He is also the creator of the graphic novel series 13 Legends.

D A V I D   W A R D


David is an illustrator living in rural Upstate New York. He spends most of the time in his studio making drawings and paintings that tell stories. Along with his recent plunge into the world of comic books, David also creates concept art and digital graphics for video games and animation.

K E L L Y   E A S T M A N

letterer / graphic design

Kelly is a marketing professional by day and a super-secret comic letterer by... well... also by day. She's worked as a graphic designer in both print and for the web, and dreams of someday retiring and become a bicycle mechanic.

I T ' S   A B O U T   A   M A N   N A M E D   R A I T H . . .

who travels to a remote island at the fringes of the known world, his only companions his two black birds. All Raith wants is a chance at a fresh start, and he gets his wish when he meets a young girl and her uncle who offer him a peaceful existence on their farm. It seems like a fairytale life, but no matter how hard Raith tries to deny fate, the sickness that weakens his body, the secrets that haunt his dreams, and the ancient magic that tears at his soul all converge to force him toward a dark destiny tainted by regret, madness, pain, and worse...